Everything You Need to Know About Deep Dental Cleaning

Posted by HEALING WINGS DENTAL Jan 25,2023

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Dental cleanings involve removing plaque and tartar from your teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Professional dental cleanings can help prevent gum disease, too. Without proper dental care, plaque can build up on the surface of your teeth, leading to gingivitis. This is a mild form of gum disease that can usually be reversed. Without treatment, though, it can turn into periodontitis. In severe cases, this can cause tooth loss.

What Is a Deep Dental Cleaning?

Deep dental cleaning is a type of preventative dentistry or prophylaxis that is performed by a dentist in order to prevent cavities and gum disease from developing in patients. The plaque that causes these problems cannot be removed with just a regular brushing at home. During a deep dental cleaning, the dentist will use special tools and instruments to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums and remove all of the plaque buildups. Some dentists may also apply a fluoride treatment to the patient’s teeth following a deep cleaning in order to further protect the enamel and prevent future tooth decay.

This is considered a basic comprehensive exam and cleaning. It does not include any other restorative procedures such as fillings. Most patients should have this type of procedure performed once per year to keep their oral health in good condition and prevent cavities and gum disease. Patients should tell their dentist if they are experiencing any symptoms of periodontal disease, including bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, or receding gums. Receiving regular dental care is crucial to keeping your oral health in good shape, so it is very important for patients to schedule appointments with their local dentist on a regular basis.

When Are Deep Dental Cleanings Needed?

Most people receive a deep dental cleaning twice a year. However, your dentist may recommend other intervals if your mouth is prone to gum disease or you have had recent dental procedures like a root canal treatment or dental implant placement.

More than 50% of adults have some form of periodontal disease. This condition can cause the gums to bleed while brushing or flossing and can result in the loss of bone structure in your jaw. More severe cases may even cause teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. In addition to being painful, gum disease can affect your overall health. Advanced cases of periodontitis have been linked with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Visiting the dentist every six months for deep cleaning is the best way to catch and treat gum disease before it becomes severe. If you have any further questions about this procedure, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist during your next visit!

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